Keith's Cisco Reference Information Here is some Cisco Systems reference information. This includes information reference links, sample configurations and other stuff.
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Reference Material

About Doing the CCIE (how hard it is)
Commands to Start With
Router Performance
Logging Levels
Simulate a FEP with Cisco Routers
MIB Reference
Configuration Registers
Commad Line Editing Keys
Configuration Notes
Sample firewall router configuration

Examples of BGP, Appletalk, DLSW

  • Advanced BGP configuration including
  • Appletalk Routing, including Zone filtering, Route Filtering, AURP Tunnel
  • DLSW
  • Netbios name filtering
  • SNA Frame filtering
Links to Cisco Website

General Information
Cisco Connection Online
Cisco IOS RoadMap
Cisco Connection Documentation
Cisco IOS Software Release 11.2
Internetworking Case Studies
CCIE Overview
Software Naming Conventions for IOS

Configuration Example Links
Configuration Examples
Cisco Sample Configs
Cisco Configuration Cookbooks