Cisco Command Line Editing Keys (BASH too)

The following is usefull when working with Cisco IOS (and many other command shells from other vendors including Linux BASH) and wanting to use keyboard shortcuts to help speed up working with the CLI.

Command Description
Ctrl + P Previous Command
Ctrl + U Clear Line and Put in Buffer
Ctrl + W Delete Word Backwards and Put in Buffer
Ctrl + Y Paste Buffer Contents
Ctrl + E End Line
Ctrl + A Beginning Line
Ctrl + X Clear Line to the Left and Put in Buffer
Ctrl + T Flip Last 2 Characters
Ctrl + F Forward Character
Ctrl + B Backward Character
Ctrl + J Return
Ctrl + L Refresh Line
Ctrl + I Refresh Line and Goto End
Ctrl + K Delete everything on the Right of cursor
Ctrl + V Allows to type control character
Ctrl + M Return
Ctrl + H Backspace Character to the Left
Ctrl + R Refresh Line
Ctrl + D Delete Character to the Right
Ctrl + C Clear line
Ctrl + N Next Command