Cisco Router Performance

The following information is Cisco router performance in what I term as Marketing numbers. What they provide is a guide as to the relative performance of one Cisco router to another. This helps when designing a network or specifying a router for a particular job. This information should help to make selecting a router a little easier.  This information was obtained from various marketing presentations made by Cisco to their customers.

Cisco Router: 2500 Motorola 68040 20MHz           proc:1800  fast:6000
Cisco Router: 3620 RISC-IDT4600 80mhz 150mbits    proc:2000  fast:16000
Cisco Router: 3640 RISC-IDT4700 100mhz 250mbits   proc:4000  fast:40000
Cisco Router: 4000 Motorola 68030 40MHz           proc:1800  fast:14000
Cisco Router: 4500 IDT Orion RLSC 100MHz          proc:10000 fast:45000
Cisco Router: 4700 IDT Orion RLSC 133MHz          proc:11000 fast:50000
Cisco Router: 7000 Motorola 68040 25MHz Bus 533Mbps
Cisco Router: 7010 Motorola 68040 25MHz Bus 533Mbps
Cisco Router: 7200 NPE100 Orion 150MHz R4700 Bus 200Mbps
Cisco Router: 7200 NPE150 Orion 150MHz R4700 Bus 600Mbps
Cisco Router: 7505 MIPS RISC 100MHz R4600 Bus 1.066Mbps
Cisco Router: 7507 MIPS RISC 100MHz R4600 Bus 2.132Mbps
Cisco Router: 7513 MIPS RISC 100MHz R4600 Bus 2.132Mbps
Cisco Router: RSP1/2 MIPS RISC 100MHz R4600
Cisco Router: RSP4 MIPS RISC 200MHz R4600
Cisco Router: 7000  proc:2500  fast:30000  opt:200000 silicon:271000
Cisco Router: RSP7K proc:8000  fast:70000  opt:120000 netflow:120000 dis:300000
Cisco Router: 7200  proc:10000 fast:120000 opt:150000 netflow:150000 dis:n/a
Cisco Router: 7500  proc:10000 fast:150000 opt:275000 netflow:250000 dis:>1M

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