Fraser Island

The Worlds Largest Sand Island
A true treasure of the world, recently given World Heritage listing.

Fraser Island is located off the coast of Australia about 300 kilometres North-East of Brisbane in the state of Queensland. It is about 120 kilometres long and stretches along the coast creating a massive bay on its Western side.

The area is filled with undescribable natural beauty. Flora and Fauna unique in its saturation and diversity. Soaring raptors, basking reptiles, vast numbers of Cetacea on their yearly migration. Towering rainforests growing entirely on sand. Creeks flowing with the purest of natural water. Lakes of mirrored water reflect the surrounding forests and dunes.

Fraser Island was threatened by Sand Mining, logging and over zealous developers and tourists. Due to the exceptional work of a few dedicated conservationists it is now listed as a World Heritage area along with the neighbouring Cooloola making up the Great Sandy Region.

This place is so special in the ecosystem and natural heritage it provides and protects. This place will now stay with us for our children and their children to share. These photographs will also give it to people who can not make it to the beautiful shores.

Fraser Island Defenders Organisation
Australias Fraser Coast
Fraser Island

Keith Sinclair's Photos
Andrew Sinclair's Photos

These photographs are a few originals of the thousands I have of Fraser Island. They were taken on a Pentax SLR and processed onto Kodak Photo CD. The images have been dithered to 256 colours and all presented in 768 x 512 resolution.

Please view and enjoy the beauty which justice can not truly be done by silicon.