Intel Processor Comparison

To provide a relative comparison between Intel processors, Intel developed the iCOMP Index where a processor are given various tests to provide a performance index. With the release of the MMX technology the tests were enhanced to integrate Multimedia tests as well, this is known as the iCOMP Index 2.0.

Intel iCOMP

Intel Processor iCOMP
486SX 25MHz 100
486DX 25MHz 122
486SX 33MHz 133
486DX 33MHz 166
486SX2 50MHz 180
486DX2 40MHz 182
486DX2 50MHz 231
486DX2 66MHz 297
486DX4 75MHz 319
486DX4 100MHz 435
Pentium 60MHz 510
Pentium 66MHz 567
Pentium 90MHz 735
Pentium 100MHz 815

Intel iCOMP Index 2.0

Intel Processor iCOMP Index 2.0
Pentium 100MHz 90
Pentium 120MHz 100
Pentium 133MHz 111
Pentium 150MHz 114
Pentium 166MHz 127
Pentium 200MHz 142
Pentium MMX 166MHz 160
Pentium MMX 200MHz 182
Pentium MMX 233MHz 203
Pentium II 233MHz 267
Pentium II 266MHz 303
Pentium II 300MHz 332