Notes for Networking and Information Technology Concepts

Comments on the IT industry which perpuate an ongoing cycle of expenditure.

Trust no one

Maintain the paranoia

It will eventual fail

Year 2000 Compliance

Inequities of equipment Cost vs Support + Maintenance


Cost Vs's Availability

Internetwork Design Guidlines

SNA 1200 bytes mainframe to screen, 300 bytes back to mainframe. 1200 bytes = 1 second @ 9600bits/sec.

Formulae and Methodology to calculate average frame size and to then calculate PPS on an Ethernet and accross router.

Standardising Naming and Addressing structures

Phased implementation vs cutover

Change Management

Problem Solving

Economics Triangle from Networkers Presenter last year.

Fast vs Good vs Cheap

Risk Management

Any to Any formulae

X x (x-1) / 2

Communities of Interest = VLANs

Economies of Scale

Browsers not caching the Names for the same URL's in th eWeb Page said that Browser will perform multiple DNS for subsequent URL's.

100 broadcasts / second

1000 broadcasts / second 23% Processor on Sparc2

3800 broadcasts / second killed Sparc2

Summary of BIT flipping for TR to Ethernet. The list of the same flipped bytes:

Perl 5 Online Manuals

List of References for each good thing, BOOKS

List of URL's for obvious good things