The Monster With Green Eyes

Chapter 1

Her eyes were beholden to none
Her thoughts so pure
Her figure so lovely
Just so pretty.

"Hello my pretty." said the Monster with the green eyes,
"I think that I should like to eat you."
"But why?" replied the captive Damsel.
"I would like to taste your beauty."
"By eating me you shall only feast once why not keep me and enjoy the feast of sight." said the Damsel.
"But that would be no satisfaction of my hunger." argued the Monster.
"Yes but you shall see me always and receive greater satisfaction. Fill your aesthetic senses with my beauty and not your stomach with my body."

At that the monster turned away confused and the Damsel ran away. This shows that pretty girls can get away with anything.

"How are you feeling?" the Monster with the green asked the now recaptured Damsel.
"I am fine." replied the Damsel.
"Those chains do not hurt?"
"Only a little, my wrists."
"Good. I would not like to damage that precious skin"
"The precious skin you value so much is just a shell of my ego."
"But the precious skin forms so fine a package so pleasing to my eyes, so pleasing to my stomach. Maybe more pleasing to my stomach? " pondered the Monster with the green eyes. "That would damage my precious skin." the Damsel retorted.
"It may but that could be worth the loss to satisfy my increased hunger but till then no damage."
"Then remove the chains," the Damsel replied rattling the chains as she spoke looking as if was suffering, "so they don't break the skin."
"That is a point my precious. To damage you would starve my eyes of perfect beauty." mused the Monster with the green eyes.
"Yes I agree but my beauty is far from perfect." baited the Damsel
"How do you see that" responded the confused Monster with the green eyes as he turned away having unchained the Damsel. Again she ran away.

Chapter 2

The pain of a suffering man is matched only by the pain of his heart.

The Monster with the green eyes looked satisfied. He moved lethargically then burped. Excused himself, he may be a monster but he does have manners. Such a pleasant meal. Never tasted anything quite so beautiful but now his eyes were sore he had nothing to calm his sight, cool his eyes, please his senses. Such beauty should not be wasted on food. Ah well 'cia la vie'.

"Ha I have found you you villianous green eyed scum." The Monster with the green eyes turned around slowly to find a knight standing before him. The knight had a white stallion which reared when he saw the repulsive Monster with the green eyes.
"You're too late." said the Monster with the green eyes casually.
"You fiend what have you done with her?" retorted the Knight with the white stallion, his armor glinting in the sunlight.
"I swallowed her whole, most enjoyable but now I've nothing to admire. That horse is quite nice looking."
"I shall strike you down with my humming sword."
"Try it bud."
"Take this." the Knight with the white stallion said as plunged forward as fast as a knight in 100 kilos of armor. The monster with the green eyes moved but only managed to stop the Knight from running him through. Instead the humming sword glanced of the monsters arm and sliced his gizzards. Out came the Damsel, whom was a princess, and stood glowering in front of the monster, who now lay quite still.
"I've been searching for you for days." the Knight with the white stallion scolded.
"Sorry." replied the Damsel now Princess innocently and the Knight just sighed.

It proves again that like butterflies, pretty girls need no excuse.

It moved with great pain. Its side sodden with blood. It groaned as it moved. It slowly got up. Its hideous features now more so with the great scar done the side of its scaly body. It swore to itself and said aloud "Revenge will be mine, I don't blame you Oh so brave Knight, I blame that bewitched beauty that so called princess. She has cast a spell on me. I shall seek you out and take something that you care for but not for a meal. I shall have to make the pain I cause you greater then that, that I have suffered otherwise it would not be revenge."

It would seem that it very difficult to kill a monster. As the creature is so hideous what else could you expect. Shall the tale go on forever.

An all encompassing noise so infinite so loud, boomed through the forest. It was a laugh. A laugh so evil so bone numbingly scary that small animals died from shear terror. The noise, you could not really call it a laugh, was coming from deep inside a cave deep inside the forest. The cave added to the effect, it made the noise/laugh sound so hollow yet full of terror. The eyes which were attached to the face which was encompassed by the head also held a mouth. It was from this mouth which the laugh came. The eyes were green.

It seemed that the creature was laughing at something which was particularly funny or to it anyway. It was looking at its fingers and laughing. What was so funny did not seem apparent.

Was the laugh caused by autism or some mental disorder?

It was not autism which made him laugh it was the sums he had just performed using his fingers to count off. It would seem it was not very bright. It had counted children and two adults weighing up the probability when one of the older girls would walk through the forest soon. The answer was what made him laugh.

Chapter 3

Humans are never satisfied with what they have.

"La-la, la-la" sang the Pretty Princess as she danced along the path. The path lay in the forest. The forest was the one which she was forbidden to go into. Her father had told her stories when she was a girl. Now she was a big girl. She was 18 ready to start receiving suitors. She was also a little rebellious. She had decided to go for a walk in the forbidden forest.

It was so beautiful here, the trees were tall and very strong the tops swayed in the breeze. A brook babbled along beside the path. Why had her father forbidden her and the rest of the Kingdom from coming here. Just because he was King. Where did he get off. This place is just so beautiful.

"La-la la la-la la la-la la la-la la-la la" she continued singing after these complex thoughts had been pondered and discarded then came a voice from behind a tree.
"Hello my Pretty" said the voice. Immediately the princess went into an appropriate state of surprise and replied.
"Who's there"
"Just me."
"Who's me?" she insisted.
"I am merely a prince from a neighboring kingdom walking through the forest when I heard a horrible laugh. Then I ducked behind this tree. Then you happened along."
"Yes, I heard the same laugh from deep in the forest scary wasn't it."
"Yes and my father told me to be careful here. Who might you be?"
"I am .. why haven't you shown yourself?" queried the princess
"As I am hiding." replied the still concealed Prince.
"I know that! Are you really ugly or something?"
"No. I am quite handsome or so my mother tells me."
"Then why do you not come out."
"I'm shy"
"Bull!" replied the normally butter won't melt in her mouth princess.
"I am but I shall come out." A few minutes passed.
"Well where are you."
"I am still shy."
"Well lets get acquainted. Whats your name?"
"Its a silly name"
"So, give"
"Its a silly name" the Prince replied shyly "Its, Its, Its oh I can't."
"Well if you don't tell me, I'm leaving."
"Its Gem Animus."
"My that is unusual."

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