Original Prose and Poems

These pieces of prose and poems were writen by me over the last few years. They are thoughts, decisions, quotes, life, love and the rest of the crap that happens to you over your life. To lighten things up a little I have included a story that was written during Uni lectures.

The Monster with the Green Eyes

To Risk


The Concept

To explain concepts which are so new to me. Hours condensed into several lines of text. Concepts which know hardly any bounds, only those enforced by the heart in attempted control of the mind. To comprehend such abstract matters requires you to understand concepts which are only what you will have them to be. Please read them and try to understand the ideas which a heart without any morals has created to keep some order in a mind which knows little else than confusion.


Life is a self perpetuating habit

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If that is so then surely all that behold her can see only immeasurable beauty.

That which does not kill you makes you stronger

The bounds of reality are bordered by your capacity to accept.

Mans capacity to dream is bound only by his capacity to think

Humans are never satisfied with what they have


All that have been here know the truth. The fate that awaits them is only to be what they will make it. If they wait for it to find them they will wait for a time longer then they could ever guess. Their patience is the control which serves them well yet makes them less able to find their true fate. Without fate there is no future. Fate is in your own hands. Mold it into something which serves you. Such control is greater than even the virtue of patience.


I sit here in my stupor thinking, tumbling the thoughts over each other in my mind considering each and surmising what I should do. Then the thought hits me what if. What if things were different what if I didn't have that happening to me. What if it was different. Its not I know but I can dream of the possibilities of things that could have been. So I dream.


And he nodded. He couldn't agree more. The facts had built up to the point of impossible improbability of any doubt of any fact of any sort. He nodded again. She sat across from him talking continuously, he couldn't get a word in edgeways. Her eyes blinked, slowly like those of someone tired or inebriated. In this case the latter was true but he didn't mind. He was a bit annoyed that he could join her in her stupor but if you drink then drive 'You're really dumb'.

And he nodded.

And he nodded.

And he nodded.

It had been hours he had been waiting. Waiting for her to finish and get to him but he didn't mind he. He didn't mind really but they would have to get going if they were going to make it in time. Another reason, the main reason he didn't mind was that apart from everything else she was really nice, a lovely young woman indeed and if she was going to put up with him he would wait. He liked her.


"About us" that is what the lover started to their partner but it didn't seem to get what message they were trying to portray so they continued to babble on with more words without meaning and it just didn't seem to make sense to either of them so in a vain attempt to right the wrongs that the lover had created they continued.


The man sat in the cafe drinking his too hot coffee. He had been waiting for several hours and this was one of several cups of coffee. What he had been waiting for he did not know but he still waited. It could have been the right time or maybe the moment that he could not explain. He continued to wait. He was starting to get annoyed that he could not explain himself his own thoughts and motives to himself.

Time passed the situation was the same save that it was a new cup of coffee and that it was later in the afternoon. He had had a compulsion to wait, he had learnt that much from himself but what else or what for he did not know. He still waited. The thoughts that spun through his head seemed to have no purpose no structure they seemed to just abstract in and out of reality and dream.

He enjoyed it he just continued to sit and wait. His mind was playing games with itself and with him but he no longer minded. He started to understand much more than he had thought possible. Nothing else mattered and still he waited but now he enjoyed his vigil.