Networking Stuff

Here is some networking stuff. This includes information and stuff on generic networking.

Sydney Morning Herald - I.T. - Cover - Untangling your network - A good article on Networking Today with some quotes from me, scary.

OSI Reference Model
IP Subnetting Notes
IP Subnetting Table
Some Tables to aid with IP Subnetting
IP Subnetting Breakpoints Summary Subnetting helps with Subnet break points
IP Addressing and Subnetting for New Users
Cisco Reference Information
Configurations, information, etc.
Network Security / Hacking
Network Management
Information Technology and Computing
Internet Official Protocol Standard RFC2200
Assigned Numbers RFC1700 Great Reference for MAC Codes Etc.
Technical Questions For putting someone to a minor or major test, please email if you have some more.
Some Answers for the Technical Questions
Performance Figures
Gigabit Ethernet Notes
Frame Relay
Networking and IT Notes

ATM Information
IPX Frame Types

Ethernet Type Codes
Unix Notes
Internet Tools
IP Port Numbers
ISDN Q931 Codes

Reference, Design Guides, Whitepapers, etc

Some reference URL's from the depths of Cisco web site. Some great reference on heaps of stuff.

OSPF Design Guide Cisco design guide on OSPF
Internetworking Case Studies
Internetwork Design Guide
Internetworking Technology Overview
Internetworking Terms and Acronyms


* Hexadecimal Chart
* ASCII Chart
* Binary Chart